Local cubs and scouts have been working on their Environment Badges, and as part of that work they spent today at Cape Banks.

The group  consisted of 15 cubs, 4 scouts, 3 scout leaders, 12 parents and 10 siblings.  Coordinating Scout Leader, Helen, commended the volunteers who gave their time to assist.   Anna Kopp, PhD student from the University of NSW  gave a talk on whales and dolphins. Anna covered the different whale species, their habitats, feeding, the difference between baleen whales and toothed whales, how the blowhole works and her personal experiences of whales. Bob Audsley  assisted by Henry Peters and Lynda Newnam, from Fishcare,  gave talks on fish conservation and caring for marine habitat.  Other activities on the day included examining the biological agents used to control bitou at the Cape and learning about the heritage listed sandstone at Cape Banks, the Military Heritage and the Minmi Wreck. National Parks’ Senior Field Officer, Rob Cooley, kindly made facilities available for the day.  (Photos L-R:  Anna speaking about whales at the Cape;  Bob speaking about marine conservation;  Lynda speaking about bitou and biological control agents)
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