Good to see advertisements for safer fishing address the real problems* which is ensuring preventative measures are taken (Southern Courier, page 22, 5/2/13).  But pity that the supervising adult in the advertisement isn’t wearing a flotation device.

One of the key messages for safe fishing is  if conditions are not suitable find a safer spot.  But it is unrealistic to think that visitors will want to go home when they have limited leisure time and have driven long distances to get to this area.  We don’t have many suitable shoreline spots where fish can be caught so it is time to be proactive.  Molineux Point should be considered – see previous post. 



*There has been a change in the communication approach. In 2008 the tragic deaths of rock fishers were used for ‘political’ purposes.   This is an example of a front page the Southern Courier ran Apri 15, 2008: “We could have saved his life” by Nick Moncrieff-Hill”.

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