The Paragon, the La Perouse Jetty and the “Cape Banks” were some of the victims of the great May 26 storm of 1974.  More photos  and more on the story from the Paragon owners here

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  1. John says:

    These are great “not so” old photographs. I remember vividly the weekend of the 1974 storm as I had to swim out to my dads boat (which like most other boats) had dragged their moorings and were being washed onto the beach. I can recall it was a cold miserable, wet and windy night and everyone who owned a boat got in and helped each other. We managed to get most of the boats onto the beach with the benefit of the tide and the large surge waves that were coming in from the west. The large boat that is washed up, if my memory is correct, was the “Cape Banks” which used to ferry the workers to Kurnell. The skipper of the boat was “Aplo” Lester who I might add rescued my dad and myself years beforehand when I was much younger and when our boat got caught out in a southerly gale one night. Aplo knew we were out as he saw my dad’s car was parked at the beach and he took the ferry out, found us and towed the boat back after we boarded the Cape Banks. The night of the storm was also the first anniversary of one of my best mates wedding which was held at the Paragon. It was I believe the only wedding ever held there when the Omeros brothers had the business. I might add it was a bad omen as the marriage didnt last

    There are some other great photos of the Paragon, in various stages of destruction, up at the Omeros brothers restaurant at the Gold Coast – just near Seaworld.Its worth popping in just to see the geart display of photos hanging in the restaurant.

    Its also a pity that there arent any photos of the original “Paragon” which was the timber and galvanised iron tea house that was located adjacant to the snake pit. The building wasnt a typical 1900 style builing – it was unique in that it was designed as a pentagon with overhanging verandas all the way around it. It unfortunately burned down in the mid / late 60s I recall.

  2. Peter Omeros says:

    Paragon fell 26th of May 1974 La Loop the Kiosk at the top of the hill burrnt down after the Paragon fell down probably later the same year.

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