Mr Helps:  I think the Commonwealth EPBC investigator should be all over this. You run into a problem, especially in New South Wales, where you have regulatory capture by Orica of the regulators. I find it fascinating that in New South Wales Orica could go and talk to the environment minister but the residents cannot. They are building this encapsulation on-site and it will be a legacy issue for the next 20 generations. Ultimately, somebody is going to have to dig it up and do it properly.

Senator CAMERON:  I find this extremely concerning that we have got a proposition here that a large part of the Sydney metropolitan area has got mercury poisoning. I do not think that we as a committee can just ignore this. I do not know what the implications are or what the truth of this matter is. I propose that we immediately send the documentation to the Minister for Health and to the Minister for the Environment and we get copies of Hansard for this sent to both the ministers and the departments and ask for an urgent response to what has been put. I just am not going to sit here, get this evidence and we say nothing about it. I would propose that we do that. I cannot make an informed judgement on the evidence that is before us.

(extracts from Proof Copy of Transcript of SENATE Environment and Communications References Committee:  Wednesday 20th February 2013)  For complete transcript see pages 15-21.


Area recommended for Testing by mercury expert Andrew Helps.  See references.




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