The Laperouse Expedition included two Catholic priests: Abbe Jean-Andre Monges and Friar Claude-Francois Joseph Louis Receveur. As well as serving as chaplains, aboard La Boussole and L’Astrolable respectively, they were also numbered among the 17 scientists. Receveur, the junior of the two, was a Conventual Franciscan Friar. He died aboard L’Astrolabe on 17 February, 1788. In death, he holds the distinction of being the first Frenchman, first Catholic priest and first scientist to be buried in Australia. His obsequies were the first Catholic burial service celebrated in Australia. Pilgrims to World Youth Day have been paying homage to the grave site:

Following photographs: The World Youth Day Cross – Dawn Service 7/7/07; two separate masses at sunset Thursday, 17/7/08. Further information on Receveur.

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