Mercury Remediation Botany Industrial Park

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Professor Priestly peer review FCAP HHERA July 2013

It is noted that the enRiskS report partially addresses potential offsite exposures for nearby residents
and other community activities via measured Hg0 emissions to the atmosphere and downwind
inhalation exposure. It does this by reference to some site boundary ambient air sampling for Hg0
vapours undertaken in a 2009 URS report. Since these measured airborne Hg0 concentrations were all
well within 2003 WHO air quality guideline value of 0.2 μg/m3, they were considered to represent a
negligible off-site risk. However, I understand that the NSW EPA has commissioned a more detailed
assessment of potential off-site air quality relating to Hg0 emissions from the FCAP site, to be
undertaken in 2013. This should provide more direct risk estimates for the nearby community.