Malabar Headland

EPA response to concerns about mercury at Malabar Headland  

Was waste that may have contained mercury disposed of at the former landfill site on
Malabar Headland?

The EPA has no information indicating that waste containing mercury has been disposed of at
the former landfill site. However, given the long history of the site being used as a landfill,
unrecorded disposal of waste at the site cannot be excluded.

Has testing been undertaken at the site?

As part of an ongoing site clean-up and remediation program by the Commonwealth
Government, soil, groundwater and surface water from the site has been extensively tested.
Mercury has not been found at levels that would be harmful to human health or the
environment. The EPA undertook its own independent sampling of stormwater at the site in
February 2013 and the results showed that there were no elevated levels of mercury.

What measures are in place to ensure the site does not present a problem in the future?

The site is fenced and not accessible to the general public. The Commonwealth is currently
undertaking an extensive remediation program for Malabar Headland, including installing
stormwater and leachate management systems to ensure the former landfill site will not have
an impact on water leaving the site. Randwick Council and the EPA participate in an
interagency working group that oversees the remediation works on the Malabar site.

Will Malabar Headland be represented on the Independent Review Steering Panel?

The steering panel will not be seeking representation from the Commonwealth or the local
Malabar Headland community at this time. Malabar Headland will be considered in the
Independent Review and if it is determined that representation is required it will be sought
when necessary.

More information regarding the Malabar Headland remediation program can be found at the

Department of Finance and Deregulation website:

Community groups such as the Friends of Malabar Headland also have an interest in the
remediation works:

EPA 2013/0211
April 2013