Major Hazard Facilities


UPDATE:  February 2012 – there are now 41 MHFs in NSW and 9 locally – down 1 on 2011.  VOPAK SITE A  at the DP World Terminal is no longer on the list. 

Major Hazard Facilities (MHF) are facilities that have the potential to cause major accidents, where the consequences may rival natural disasters in terms of loss of life, injury, damage to property and disruption of activities affecting people at the workplace and the surrounding community and environment.   There are 41Major Hazard Facilities (MHFs) in NSW and 9 of these are located on North Botany Bay in postcodes 2019 and 2036.  This is by far the largest cluster in the State.

4 of the 10 are located on the DP World Terminal (part of the La Perouse Precinct of Randwick Council) across from La Perouse and Phillip Bay, 2 are located in Banksmeadow,  3 are located on the Botany Industrial Park(BIP).     MHFs are facilities such as oil refineries, chemical processing plants, large chemical and gas storage depots and large chemical warehouses that have dangerous goods in amounts that exceed specified threshold quantities.

Operators of MHFs or potential MHFs have certain obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001, particularly in chapter 6B, which aims to reduce the risk of major accidents and minimise the consequences in the event of a major accident.  Specific reference is made to ‘members of the public’ in Part 6B.2 Clause 17C and Part 6B.3, Clauses 175A, 175E.

For further information please see the MHF Guide 2008 and Conditions and Requirements document which support the Regulation and the 2010 Amendment to the OHS Regulation.   MHFs are administered by Workcover.  This is a link to Workcover’s Guidelines on  Notification.

Keeping the Community informed about MHFs and the associated risks is an important part of the process.

Draft Guidelines for MHFs prepared by NSW Department of Planning in 2003.

Guidelines on Community Consultation for Queensland.

Link to NSW Department of Planning Website on HAZARDS.

LATEST INFORMATION FROM PLANNING NSW – February 2011  Major Hazards Planning


This is the list of MHFs in our area.  Click on the name for details of the EPA Licence and further link is to website.

Audited EPA regulated premises – completed December 2011  

Licence number Accountable party Location Link to pdf
10698 ELGAS LTD Port Botany 120305AuditElgasLPGCavern.pdf (191KB)
7494 HUNTSMAN CORPORATION AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED Matraville 120308AuditHuntsman.pdf (674KB)
2148 ORICA AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Matraville 120325AuditOrica2.pdf (302KB)
245 ORIGIN ENERGY LPG LIMITED Port Botany 120314AuditOrigin.pdf (168KB)
10000 QENOS PTY LTD Matraville 120316AuditQenosBotany.pdf (22KB)
464 QENOS PTY LTD Port Botany 120312AuditQenosFriendship.pdf (144KB)
1255 SOLVAY INTEROX PTY LTD Banksmeadow 120318AuditSolvay.pdf (179KB)
12485 UNITED INITIATORS PTY LIMITED Banksmeadow 120323AuditUnited.pdf (167KB)
6007 VOPAK TERMINALS SYDNEY PTY LIMITED Port Botany 120320AuditVopak1.pdf (615KB)
6581 VOPAK TERMINALS SYDNEY PTY LIMITED Port Botany 120326AuditVopak2.pdf (614KB)



Elgas (Port Botany)          Link to Website

Origin Energy                     Link to Website

Qenos                                     Link to Website

Vopak (Port Botany 20 Friendship Road)             Link to Website

Vopak (Port Botany 49 Friendship Road)              NOTE this is no longer listed as an MHF


BANKSMEADOW (EPA Licence Details)

Solvay –                                                        Link to Website

United Initiators (Peroxide Plant)Link to website

Botany Industrial Park (BIP) (EPA Licence Details)  Link to 2011 Information Booklet produced by BIP P/L

Huntsman (Banksmeadow)                  Link to Website

Qenos Link to Website

Orica (Banksmeadow, BIP)Link to Website Link to Chloralkali Link to Remediation Projects Link to latest Licence 11/5/11