Emergency Events


New regulations on notification of major pollution events effective February 2012.






Major Weather Events


This tornado developed offshore along a boundary and moved inland at La Perouse on 4th August 2006. It ripped a roof off a house in Anzac Parade and hurled it into the air dumping it about 100 metres away onto the front of the house at 24 Goorawahl Avenue.  The tornado went through rapid transformations in and out of condensation funnel.  A COOL-SEASON LOW-TOPPED SUPERCELL TORNADO EVENT NEAR SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA Harald Richter Bureau of Meteorology Training Centre, Melbourne, Australia

Click to see the video online:Video of Tornado La Perouse [18mb mpg]from Australian Severe Weather

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Aircraft Crash 1961

Wreckage of Ansett Airlines Vickers Viscount aircraft recovered from Botany Bay 1961/62. This airliner crashed into Botany Bay on Nov 30 1961 close to the site of the subsequent runway extension into the Bay.The airliner lost a wing and part of the tailplane and then probably went into a violent roll. It hit the water at an estimated 450 miles an hour. The wreckage took over 3 months to recover and pieces were found kilometres away on the southern side of the bay. 15 people died in the crash.  Link to story on Hostess Aileen Keldie and more details:  Link 1 and Link 2 and previous link in Blast from the Past


Lessons Learned from elsewhere in Australia

Lack of Maintenance

A lack of maintenance led to one of the biggest chemical fires in Australia.  This did not happen locally but at Coode Island in Melbourne – 21st August, 1991 –  Link to ABC story

Coode Island Report The Age November 2003

Link to Coode Island Consultative Committee – Note that there is an Emergency Management sub-committee which includes 3 community members.

Coode Island Community Warning and Information System

Coode Island Community Group submission to SafeWork Australia on model H&S legislation April 2011

Photo L-R – Coode Island and Port Botany:  note proximity to residents