The Heritage Listed La Perouse Market Gardens, adjacent to Hill 60, are under threat.  Botany Cemetery wants them incorporated and  the 7ha used for graves.  You can download the report from the Department of Lands at Phillip Bay Draft Land Assessment This report is on exhibition from 19 June 2008 to 17 July 2008.  Further enquires: (02) 8836 5300 You can send comments to: Team Leader – Land Management, NSW Department of Lands, PO Box 3935, PARRAMATTA NSW 2124


Reference to the Heritage Listing here: and      here

The Market Gardens have the rarity value as they provide the last remaining evidence in the Randwick area of these early agricultural uses. (quote from State Heritage Website)

and from Gardening Australia –  Link to Story

from one of many Tourist websites: Link to Story

Lands has to say about the current tenants: Of the three tenants only Mr Robert Teng responded prior to the public exhibition. He provided a letter to the Department outlining the importance of the gardens to his livelihood and that of his family, and that the farm supplies produce to in excess of 20 grocery stores and fruit markets. Also that he has invested approximately $30,000 in improving the irrigation system.

MAP OF AREA – Market Gardens outlined in red.

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