Laperouse Explorers

Founded 2001

This group was founded  to conduct bush regeneration and Streamwatch water quality testing as well as participate in cleanups and walks.

The group is a chapter of the CSIRO Double Helix junior science club.  From 2001 to 2004 the Laperouse Explorers were actively involved in bush regeneration at Yarra Bay with Randwick Bushcare and in the Botany Bay National Park.  At Yarra Bay they recorded more than 200 volunteer hours.  In August and September 2007 they were involved in the Keep Australia Beautiful Clean Beaches Challenge in Congwong Bay and in 2008 participated in the Clean Up Australia Day. La Perouse Explorers won the Sydney Region Environmental Award at the Keep Australia Beautiful Clean Beaches Challenge for 2010 – see link. They continue to watertest at Happy Valley, Woomera Reserve, Yarra Bay, Congwong Lagoon and Little Congwong Beach.  Further details at www.streamwatch.org.au

Report on a typical project for the Explorers:    Weeding Projects: 20,000 bitous bite the dust!!

October 2002 School Holidays – 6 mornings(30/9, 2,4,7,9,11/10)  These sessions were led by NPWS officers Anita (our local ranger) and Dean (field officer) with assistance from our local  Cub leader and Explorer parents. We had 6 sessions of around 2 hours each followed by swimming and/or sand games on the beach.  Explorers who are also members of Little Bay Cubs were also working towards their conservation badges. We worked in 3 areas – Happy Valley creek bed (4 sessions), Congwong Track Dunes (1 session), Side of Main Pathway (1 session) On Wednesday (9th) Dean showed us the Rainforest between Happy Valley creek and pathway to main road.  The species we saw were:  Canopy:  Acmena smithii(Myrtaceae), Elaeocarpus reticulatus(Elaeocarpaceae), Endiandra sieberi(Lauraceae), Glochidion ferdinandi (Euphorbiaceae) , Melia azedarach(Meliaceae) Notelaea longifolia(Oleaceae), Pittosporum undulatum(Pittosporaceae) , Synoum glandulosum(Meliaceae) Under Canopy: Cyathea  australis(Cytheaceae),  Histiopteris incisa(Dennstaaeddtiaceae), Pittosporum revolutum(Pittosporaceae), Rapanea variabilis(Myrsinaceae), Viola hedreacea(Violaceae) Vines:  Cissus hypoglauca(Vitaceae),  Eustrephrus latifolius({Philesiaceae), Geitonoplesium cymosum (Philesiaceae), Sarcopetalum larveyanthum(Menispermiaceae) On Friday(11) the team tackled other weed species including:  Asparagus fern(Protasparagum aethioopicus), Lantana camara, Arrowhead (Rumex sagittata), Cassia(Senna pendula) – and compared it to a similar native species.  Awards for the fortnight: Bitou Blighter: (for most number of bitou plants destroyed):   Most Persuasive Basher:  Dean  (hands up if you bought Russian tea this week!)

Yarra Bay Bushcare 2004

Laperouse Seagrass Watch

Members of the Seagrass Watch include: Leanne from Sydney Dive (www.sydneydive.com.au ); Dave from Ecodivers (www.ecodivers.org.au); local residents Greg, Kathleen, Alain, Henry, Tom and William.  Carla Sbrocchi from the Central Coast Environmental Network(www.cen.org.au ) is the Seagrass Project Officer for the region.  Coordinator for the group is Lynda Newnam.  Further details on Marine Environment page.  Events are listed in posts. The group can be contacted through the contact page on this website.

Link to first Monitoring Report

La Perouse Coastcare Alliance

Founded 2007

This is a registered Landcare umbrella for a number of groups/organisations on the Headland.  Group/organisational participation depends on the purpose of the particular project.  Participants in the August/September 2007 Clean Beaches Challenge included volunteers from Little Bay Cubs, Kooloora Community Centre, Laperouse Explorers, La Perouse Precinct Committee, Sydney Water Streamwatch, Department of Primary Industries Fishcare.

Happy Valley Coastkeepers

Founded January 2009 

The first weeding session for the Happy Valley Coastkeepers was conducted 17/1/09.  It was organised by Suji Jadhav – keepers@npansw.org.au – from the National Parks Association with assistance from Parks and Wildlife Staff at La Perouse.  Further information at www.coastkeepers.org.au and www.npansw.org.au.


Little Bay Cubs at Cape BanksLittle Bay Cubs 


Founded 1963


1st Little Bay was formed in 1963. The Scouts met on Bare Island and the Cubs  at various places including La Perouse School and Prince Henry Hospital. The original Cub Leaders were – Mary Brown, Pat Buchanan and Pat Richards. Pat Richards is still active as a leader 40 years on and has been awarded the O.A M for service to the community.Eventually Little Bay were awarded a grant of Crown land at Woomera Road. This land was mainly swamp and 5 families worked tirelessly to clear the land in order to build a Scout hall. They also ran a hot dog stand at La Perouse to raise the money to build the hall. The Scout hall was officially opened in 1972.

The Scout Hall is at the corner of Woomera and Bunnerong Roads Little Bay and the pack meets each Monday (during School terms)  from 7pm to 8.30pm.  Boys and girls 8-11 yrs are welcome to join.  Just turn up to find out more.

Bushcraft and presentations at the Cape Banks Scout Ground 2002 (now the site of Helicopter Base)