Botany Bay National Park Metro NE Advisory Committee

The North East Regional Advisory Committee acts as a Customer Council and  the committee is expected to liaise with local communities and other stakeholder groups (see Terms of Reference below).

Functions of the Committee are outlined in the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974

The committee which served until 31 December 2014,  is comprised of the following:

Garry McIlwaine (Chair) 

Simon Balderstone      (Manly)
Laurence Bimson  (Frenchs Forrest)
Trevor Brown
Jason Coombs
Grahame Douglas
Brigid Dowsett
Dennis Foley
Catherine Griffin  (Manly)
Julie Old
Victor Simms

Terms of Reference of the Committee

  • Recommend improvements to the care, control and management of parks and reserves in a particular region.
  • Comment on off-park issues, where these are likely to have some impact on parks and reserves or on natural and cultural heritage conservation generally.
  • Provide input to development of draft plans of management for parks and reserves in a particular region.
  • Liaise with community and interest groups to seek their views on NPWS issues.
  • Provide expert advice on technical and specialist matters.
  • Provide advice to Regional Managers about pest and fire management programs.
  • Give feedback to the community about NPWS issues and initiatives.
  • Act as customer councils for the NPWS, reviewing customer needs and the services and facilities provided in parks and reserves

Botany Bay National Park(La Perouse) is part of the North East Region of National Parks.  The Area Manager and Rangers for the area operate out of Greycliffe House in Vaucluse.

The Acting North East Regional Manager is Mr Peter Hay:  Phone: (02) 94728942

 Advisory committee inquiries

Contact NPWS Regional Manager Metropolitan North East region, for specific inquiries about the NPWS advisory committee in this region.

Phone: (02) 9457 8900
Postal address: PO Box 3031, Asquith NSW 2077

Membership of the NPWS Advisory Council and Terms of Reference

Link to NPWS stakeholder policy

Botany Bay National Park Plan of Management  ratified in 2002.

Draft La Perouse Headland Conservation Plan of Management which underpins interpretation of Bare Island and the inner Loop(Laperouse Museum, Cable Station, Monuments, Watchtower).  This is a summary of   Submissions to NPWS PLAN October 2009 Work on the Plan commenced in 2007 but as yet it has not been finalised.    A Draft Interpretation Plan is on exhibition.  Comments on Interpretation Plan at these links:  Link 1, Link 2