Botany Bay National Park

Botany Bay National Park(La Perouse)  is part of the Metropolitan North East Region.  It is 147ha in area.     Details on the principles which underpin the management of the Park are contained in the  Botany Bay National Park Plan of Management This plan was ratified in 2002.

The Draft La Perouse Headland Conservation Plan of Management underpins interpretation of Bare Island and the inner Loop(Laperouse Museum, Cable Station, Monuments, Watchtower).  This is a summary of   Submissions to NPWS PLAN October 2009 Work on the Plan commenced in 2007 but as yet it has not been finalised.    But a Draft Interpretation Plan is on exhibition.  Comments on Interpretation Plan at these links:  Link 1, Link 2

Table 2.3 Threatened Fauna Species in Botany Bay (La Perouse Precinct) listed in 2004 Fire Plan

Scientific Name Common Name LegalStatus Location
Chelonia mydas Green Turtle Vulnerable Little Congwong Beach
Crinia tinnula Wallum Froglet Vulnerable Henry Hill  & adjacent wetland
Haematopus fuliginosus Sooty Oystercatcher Vulnerable Henry Head
Litoria aurea Green & Golden Bell Frog Endangered La Perouse
Miniopterus shreibersii oceanensis Common Bent Wing Bat Vulnerable Henry Head
Neochmia ruficauda Star Finch Endangered Henry Head


The Fire Plan for the Park is at this link.  In one fire  60ha were burnt.  The link to the 2010/2011 Fire Manual, published Oct 2010.