In a search of the Randwick City Council website for a copy of the Emergency Management Plan I could only turn up a context paper. 

There was no link in the A-Z list of services at this site.

 I could find no link to the Local Randwick Emergency Management Committee, in contrast to the following:

 This is from Manly Council.

This is from Marrickville

This is what the City of Sydney offer residents, workers, visitors.

The suburbs of South Ward postcode – 2036 – contain 8 of the 42 Major Hazard Facilities in the NSW.  We are also in close proximity to other industrials which fall just below  the MHF threshold.  We also experience ‘weather events’ the most recent being a tornado – this link  provides a video of the one that hit La Perouse in August 2006. 

There is considerable interest, at least around South Ward, in emergency risk management, and Council does have responsibilities in planning and communication.

These issues were raised in an email to the Randwick City Council General Manager on 29 September 2010.  Below is the reply received today (9/11   2010):  Note that on November 5 a web page was created at this link but you still have to navigate through the section “A Sense of Community” to get to it.  There is still no link in the A-Z list of services at this site.  There are files on ‘what to do for a storm event’ but nothing on chemical spills and other scenarios that are possible in an area that contains 10 of the 42 Major Hazard Facilities in the State.(First photo above is a simulated Ignitable LNG Vapour Cloud – see more at this link).

File Ref:  F2010/08174

Doc No:  D01174474

I refer to your email of 29 September 2010 concerning emergency management planning information on Randwick City Council’s website.

We have prepared access to a range of material from our website, which will assist residents in their preparations for an emergency. It contains educative and informative processes to guide people in what they need to do to protect themselves.

The Randwick Local Emergency Management Committee convenes regularly and also conducts disaster readiness exercises.  We do not, however, propose to include the Displan on the website for several reasons. The Emergency Management Committee is not a committee of Council. It is a formed under separate legislation and as such does not report to Council.

It is our view there are currently too many changes occurring in and about to occur within the State’s emergency management structure. Some of which, we are still not privy to. Additionally, there are new planning elements that need to be incorporated in planning documents. Therefore, it would be counter productive to have information that may have changed or is about to change until such time as it is known what exactly those changes are to be.

That said, the local emergency management plan has the same operational parameters and, therefore, is executed in the same way as state level planning and policy.  Those responsible for carrying out the operational requirements of the plan have clear guidance in such matters from State Policy.

We trust that future information on the website will be helpful to you and other residents.  Thank you for your email.

Yours sincerely

 Ray Brownlee

General Manager

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