This is the latest version (April 2010) of a map showing the Port Precinct in Randwick and Botany municipalities.  The Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park and Cemetery on Military Road is now boxed in by Port lands.  Funeral corteges can only access Military Road by passing through Port Lands which are subject to the special Ports State Environmental Planning Policy.  Under this policy port and related activities like warehousing and container parks take priority.  This is why ING is proposing that B Doubles be allowed to access their premises in Military Road via Bunnerong.  If this is approved funeral corteges and other visitors to the Memorial Park and Cemetery will compete with heavy vehicles which can pull up to 60 feet of shipping containers – that’s equivalent to 3 normal containers. 

 This is a copy of the front page of the current issue of the Southern Courier which provides an example of communities being played against each other while the bigger issue is the encroachment of the Port eastwards.  It shouldn’t be a choice between cemetery space and market gardens.  The Gardens are located on floodplain which was deemed unsuitable for burials in a Deparment of Lands assessment in 2008.  There is higher ground off Military Road but this has been zoned for port related purposes.  The headline in the paper should  read Souls vs Shipping containers. 

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