UPDATE  9/3/2015: Incident recorded below refers to a particular period during which works were undertaken.  More recent storm events are unlikely to produce the same results.  However during extreme storms turbidity readings are likely to be higher.  At other times brackish water (as opposed to sediment laden) results from leaching of Pteridium esculentum (Braken Fern). The fern is a ‘weed’ in this area.   See Laperouse Coastcare website for details of water quality testing undertaken at Happy Valley.

UPDATE 16/12/11 – Left – final report from EPA.

UPDATE:  9/11/2011:  Photo below was taken around 6.18pm today –  note black sludge.  Photo further below was taken the day after a similar storm event on 6/6/10.  There is a distinct contrast between the two.









The  photograph of Congwong Bay,below,was taken at 6.18pm 8/11/11.  Congwong Lagoon is dark and muddy and so too the water flowing into Congwong Bay.  Photographs and video were taken by Laperouse Explorers Streamwatcher, Will Peters.    It appears that the pollution has been caused by construction works being undertaken by Randwick City Council.   The matter has been reported to the EPA.  The Sydney Catchment Management Authority has been advised, so too Sydney Water Streamwatch, Councillors from Randwick City Council and local MP Michael Daley.  Updates will be posted as they become available.

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