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UPDATE:  5/2/2013:  Southern Courier article on the rescue of Little Tern chick.  No mention that the spit was a previous breeding area or the problems with Towra Point.

Little Terns continue to be driven away from North Botany Bay (see Hutchison Report November 2012). First it was the third airport runway, then Molineux Point (check page 23) and now Penrhyn Spit.  The birds persist but the ‘experts’ insist they go south to Towra Point a site that won a  Ramsar Grey Globe  Award this year for declining ecological values.

How simple would it have been to allocate a small 24/7 breeding space for them at Molineux. Previous report on Breeding Season at Penrhyn February 2007.  (Photo below Penrhyn Spit as it was before T3 construction approved in October 2005 after then Planning Minister Frank Sartor overruled recommendations of Commission of Inquiry.)

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