(Photos L-R:  At around 4pm yesterday – Frenchmans Bay, Bus Terminus Turning Loop congested with illegally parked cars; bus stuck on The Loop at the Timbery  Park boomgate).

There were traffic problems in La Perouse, Phillip Bay and Little Bay as thousands of visitors streamed into the area to the beaches and cafes.  In the 2007 Environmental Assessment for the Botany Bay Cable http://majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au/index.pl?action=view_job&job_id=132 the authors noted under section  7.1.1. (page 68)   that “overall, the highest traffic volumes in the Project area are experienced along Anzac Parade on weekends, where daily traffic volumes can approach 7,400 per average weekend day or 834 vehicles per hour.”  There has been no traffic count since this study but anecdotal evidence suggests that numbers have increased.

Because the buses couldn’t use the bus turning circle they were forced to circle the Loop. Because cars were illegally parked at Timbery Park one of the buses got stuck.  There were no Council compliance officers around to book cars.  Police resources were stretched.  After more than hour police did arrive and there were more than 14 officers in the area booking cars for illegal parking.  This still did not solve the problem for the buses as illegally parked cars blocked  bus access – they needed to be towed away.

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