Council Plans for the long awaited upgrade of Bunnerong Road which complement the Loop Upgrade. and Chifley Reserve Upgrade. These sections have been scanned from Randwick City Council Plan dated August 2010: (L-R) Military Road Intersection; Little Bay Roundabout; typical Bus Stop layout; Anzac-Bunnerong Intersection; La Perouse Bus Terminus. (Note scaling listed does not apply as sections reduced for this digital presentation)

The path for cyclists is not clear from the map.  Likewise for pedestrians.  Do they need to cross the road at the intersection of Goorawahl/Endeavour and Anzac Parade to continue.  Do they then have to cross back if they are going to one of the cafes.  Increasingly visitors are forced to park further away from the beaches and cafes and are seen walking Goorawahl Street to get to these venues.  There should be recognition of the fact that both Endeavour and Goorawahl are part of the tourist route and some attention given to traffic, cycling and pedestrian flows.  In the case of Goorawahl the footpath at the northern entry has been blocked off on the South Eastern side forcing pedestrians onto the road.

Vegetation is shown but we don’t know what. Will species be chosen which block views.  Will they be suitable native habitat.  When Frenchman’s Beach was upgraded Tuckeroos were planted, yet this species is known to attract Currawongs which in turn discourage smaller birds such as Wrens.

 Randwick Council’s byline is “sense of community”.  That should  include consulting with community – local residents and visitors – who use Bunnerong Road and the surrounding area. We only get one chance to get this right.

At Council’s Meeting of 19 October the matter of the Bunnerong Road Upgrade was closed to public scrutiny:

Closed Session

CS26/10    T19/10 Bunnerong Road Upgrade – Military Road to Anzac Parade, La Perouse

This matter is considered to be confidential under Section 10A(2) (d) Of the Local Government Act, as it deals with commercial information of a confidential nature that would, if disclosed (i) prejudice the commercial position of the person who supplied it; or (ii) confer a commercial advantage on a competitor of the Council; or (iii) reveal a trade secret.

Council approved the following from that meeting (from Council Papers 23.11.2010):

Local Roads – decrease in the Local Roads Resurfacing & Rehabilitation Program




Footpath Program – decrease in the Footpath Defects Program




Environment Levy – Funding from the Environment Levy Reserve for Cycleways




Bunnnerong Road Upgrade



Total Variation




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